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Yay! You’re engaged! Now what?

Entering 2019 as a newly engaged couple? Congratulations! It’s all about to get very exciting planning your big day! Not sure where to start though? Don’t worry, we’ve put together a first-things-first hit list to get that planning in progress!

Decide on a date

One of the best ways to ease into wedding planning is by deciding on a date, as this helps to formulate a plan and can make other choices just fall into place. For example, if you’re swooning over a summer wedding, this will help you to choose your venue (perhaps you want a relaxed garden party or a barn with BBQ), your colours, seasonal flowers, food options and so much more. By getting a rough date in the diary, the planning process really begins!

Set a budget

Of course, setting a budget is high on the list when starting to sort out the details for your big day. And for good reason too - while magazines, family and friends will all tell you different amounts that the ‘average’ wedding costs - the cost of your day is all down to you and what you want! Whether that’s a large, lavish affair with hundreds of guests or a chilled, intimate ‘do with just a few of your nearest and dearest there, you’ll know exactly what’s possible (and in what time frame) by sitting down and getting that wedding budget sorted.

Find your dream theme

What would you like your big day to be like? Are you longing for a rustic barn wedding or sophisticated silver and gold celebrations? Or maybe you’re a lover of bright and bold colours or fancy a ship-shape nautical wedding? Thinking about this when you start to plan can be a useful starting point for helping to pin down your venue, dress, decor and all of those personal little details. We love Pinterest for finding themes - take a peek at our boards for further inspo!

Ask friends for recommendations

Whether you fell in love with a friend’s wedding cake design, felt giddy looking at a pal’s wedding photos or fantasise about tucking into your bestie’s big day feast again, ask your friends who have been-there-and-got-the-wedding-dress to recommend suppliers from their dream team. As they say, it’s not what you know: it’s who! It’ll save lots of time searching and you can feel confident that you’re creating a super-special trusted squad of your very own.  

It’s your day - have it your way!

When you get engaged, it can feel like everyone has an opinion on what your wedding day should look like or how it should be. Stick to what YOU want. Don’t forget it’s YOUR day - be sure to plan it your way, from the start!

Good luck with your planning! Remember, we’re here to help you create your wow-worthy wedding with stationery, decor, favours and gift ideas!

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