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Wedding Supplier Spotlight: Lib from Bettie Rose, Brighton.

We know first hand the pure love, dedication and hard work that goes into staying afloat as a small business. When you shop from an independent company you can be sure that you're going to get the best service they can give, and you're helping keep someones dream alive. Go you! 

In light of this we're starting a new questionnaire series spotlighting (and picking the brains of!) some independent wedding suppliers that we admire. First up is Lib from Bettie Rose Flowers, a creative florist based in Brighton who works throughout the South East. We adore her bright and beautiful creations and love that she shares our passion for the environment too. Over to you, Lib!

I set up Bettie Rose because ...

I had worked in florist shops for a long time and found that in a shop environment I couldn’t give wedding flowers the time and attention they needed (and that I wanted to give!). Working on weddings was always the work I really enjoyed so now I do it full time!

Bettie Rose is unique because ...

Because it’s me! I bring my uniqueness to my business. I run everything to do with the business from starting ideas to the finishing touches on your bouquet (plus all the stuff in the background too!). You receive a personal service and I walk you through the whole journey, because that’s how I’d want it to be if I were the one getting married.

My favourite thing about working in the wedding industry is ...

I love working towards such a happy day, weddings have a real magic about them and to be able to interpret people’s ideas into exactly what they wanted and more is really rewarding.

My most memorable wedding day moment is ...

Probably the beast of a bouquet I made for my good friend Katie! She let me completely go wild with beautiful tropical flowers and vibrant colours and it was such a joy to make.

The advice I’d give to couples planning their wedding day is ...

Trust. Research your suppliers and when you’ve found the ones you like, trust them to do what they do best. You really will get the best work out of them that way :)

Things to remember when looking for your wedding florist are …

Really look into the style of work they do and whether that’s what you love or not. Spend time really reading their website and how it is they work, what their experience level is and also if they seem like they will be a good fit for you personality wise and also ethics wise.

For example if you are really passionate about the environment then choose someone who talks openly about this and is taking steps in their business to change things. These days it’s easy to find out about us as everyone is all over social media - you can check our websites, instagram, facebook and pinterest to get all the latest info!

Photos by the amazing Lisa Delvin

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