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Wedding Menu Ideas

We do love a sit-down wedding meal - a chance to plan who sits with who and to make sure that the speeches are heard by all... However there's no need to stick with tradition. Having a small gathering? Create an inclusive atmosphere by letting everyone choose their own seat around one large table. Having a summer do? A BBQ is an excellent way to create a party vibe; think blazing fire, yummy smells and sizzling sounds! You've spent a lot of time tasting (best part of the job!) and planning your menu, so it desearves to be dispalyed in a fitting way, too...

We offer matching menus to all of our stationery suites. From autumnal leaves to quirky bikes or romantic love birds - pick a quality card menu that will reflect your day and add colour to your tables. One per plate looks devine, but holders can be used to display one or two per table too if you're on a tighter budget.

Menu bags are a creative and practical way to tempt your guest's tastebuds. Fill them with bread, cutlery, napkins or condiments and place them singly on plates or grouped together in baskets by the BBQ. Yum! We can provide the kraft paper bags for you here. Photos: Wedding in a Teacup, Green Wedding Shoes, Festival Brides

Feeling creative? Speciality pens can be used to scribble your menu on large chalkboards or mirrors. Display them near the seating plan, buffet or BBQ to point guests to the right area and make their tummies grumble! Photos: Invision Events and The Pretty Blog

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