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Wedding in a Herb Garden

We heard recently of a herbalist bride who carried a natural bouquet of lavender, sage and rosemary loosely tied with ribbon, served oregano-flavoured lamb with basil and tomato salad, and gave little pots of her own calendula face cream away as favours.

That made us swoon, not only because it was so personal to her, but at Wedding in a Teacup, we’re mad about herbs. Even their names are poetic and evocative! Herbs are healing, health bringing, some say magical. They look soft, subtle, sophisticated. Their flowers are delicate and pretty. And they have such a variety of different and stimulating scents - they invite you to pull off a stem, rub it, and sensuously inhale.

Photo credit: Wedding in a Teacup

It’s a lovely, all-seasons idea to name your tables after herbs and ‘label’ them with pretty pots of tarragon, marjoram, dill, lovage, oregano, bay, parsley, thyme, borage, sage and chervil! Little pots of herbs are inexpensive at garden centres; buy well in advance of your wedding, plant them up into larger terracotta pots (or groups of three small traditional flowerpots look great), put them in the sun, water them, and let them grow, then use our blackboard labels to mark them. It adds to the natural ambience and leaves no one in any doubt where they’re sitting!

Photo credit: Boho Weddings

Another idea is to create a stunning seating plan with an array of flower or herb pots with a blackboard label for each guest’s name. Luggage tags, twine and alphabet stamps display the table numbers.

Or have a boxed herb garden as your seating plan holder! Order one of our rustic Personalised Apple Crates and plant it up with the taller, bolder herbs such as sage, bay, marjoram, parsley and rosemary. They’ll look beautiful above your names and wedding date!

Photo credit: Boho Weddings

And we love it that after the wedding, these decorations don’t get swept up and binned, they grow on. Give the herb or plant pots away to bridesmaids and special guests, and take your lovely herb crate home with you. Every time you look at it you’ll remember your wedding day; every time you cook with the herbs, you’ll be adding its special flavour.

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