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The Bees' Knees!

Bzzzzz ...OK, we admit it, at Wedding in a Teacup we're mad about bees. Bumbling bumble bees and furry honey-bees; flying into flowers, busy all the time. The whole of life depends on them - without their energetic efforts pollinating everything that grows, it... well, it wouldn't grow and we'd have no fruit or veg to eat! And the bees are under threat from loss of habitat - they need our help.

WIAT_Aug13_126 copy

So we've created our new 'Meant to Bee' Personalised Seed Packet Favours with this in mind. Each packet contains a mix of native wildflower seeds to grow - bees love wildflowers because they're rich in pollen and nectar. And the wildflowers – including cornflower and poppy - will look gorgeous as well as nourishing the bees. A truly romantic and nature-friendly favour!

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We also love bees for their honey, of course - our 'Meant to Bee' Honey Favour Stickers allow you to create sweet, glowing and original gifts for your guests. Buy the honey and jars in bulk and leave the labels to us!

meant to bee honey favour stickers

Also new to our site, introducing our 'bridesmaid - you're the bees' knees' sterling silver necklace. Beautifully boxed, on a card with a heart filled with honeycomb, this perfectly detailed silver honey bee is guaranteed to enchant your maids and look magical worn on the day...

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