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Stamping around!

As printing methods get ever more faultless and uniform, we detect a definite nostalgia for the pen, the typewriter, and the good old rubber stamp! The odd smudge and wobble shows the human touch; it brings life to the graphic. Assemble your bridesmaids and get a fun production line going as you stamp out names on labels and place cards. Let your creativity fly as you add birds, butterflies, cakes or vintage postmarks. The fun you all have doing it will shine out of the finished articles, and each one will be truly unique! We've picked out some of our favourite stamping ideas:

Decorate your stationery envelopes with matching stamps to give your guests a hint of what waits inside...

Image credit: Love Bird and Love Is Sweet Stamp Sets - both Wedding in a Teacup

Stamp your guests names to create your own unique place cards on cards, doilies, tags - anything that takes your fancy. And don't worry about any smudges - it's all part of the charm!

Image credit: Rock My Wedding, Wedding in a Teacup

Or how about creating your own table plan using luggage tags, and a pin board or birdcage?

Image credit: Green Wedding Shoes

Image credit: Boho Weddings

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