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Seeds of Hope

Wow, what a few weeks it's been! Never have so many of us lived through so much change in such a short amount of time.

In the past two weeks here at Wedding in a Teacup we've gone from a super busy team of four enjoying our busiest time of year, to just me coming into our studio once a week to get our (very few) orders out. As long as Royal Mail are still running (thank you post people!) or circumstances don't change, I will carry on doing that. I am in our private studio on my own, and our post gets picked up, so there's no contact and I need to do what I can to help our little business survive. Do keep an eye out on our Instagram for any further updates though. 

And our hearts of course go out to all those lovely couples who planned their perfect weddings with care and flair and were eagerly awaiting the day itself – only to have to postpone it. Such an anti-climax, such a cruel disappointment! 

But we are urging you all to trust and hang on in there. It may feel like a disaster movie out there, but if this virus has done anything good, it’s made us slow down and reassess what really matters in life. It’s made us deeply value what we take for granted; be more contented with the simple things.

Hold that person you’re going to marry close and remind yourself of the love of your guests who will – one day soon, because this won’t last for ever! – be even more joyful to come together to celebrate your postponed wedding. Can you even imagine the party?!

This virus has hit just as the beauty and power of Spring is breaking out, and many are taking time to really see it this year, and finding this hugely consoling. Planting seeds is the essence of spring. If you’ve ordered our seed packets favours and are having to postpone your wedding, don’t worry.

We can re-print your personalised packets with your new date (or no date if you'd like to be on the safe side!), then all you have to do is fill them with the seeds from your original order (which are enclosed in hermetically sealed packets, and viable for at least three years) wet the gum trip, and seal. You can find the empty packets here. Do get in touch if you've any questions or if you think we can help at all. Sending love! 

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