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Planning a Wedding - Where to Begin?


Whether you're getting married this year or you're newly engaged, planning a wedding can be daunting. It's just a fact, but luckily we're old hat here and can hopefully give you a few pointers to make you feel more overjoyed than overwhelmed. The most important thing throughout this whole process is to remember the end goal - getting married to the love of your life - this is what really matters! But you can make it an exciting journey along the way...especially now that you have discovered Wedding in a Teacup!

Teacup's Top Tips

1. Get Stationery Samples - Browse our selection and order your faves, they're even more super 'in the flesh'.
2. Decide who's in your Wedding Party and propose in an alternative way like give this Personalised Mirror saying 'Chloe will you be my bridesmaid' and she'll gush and say 'of course' and then she can look dreamily into her own face and practice the perfect wedding smile.
3. Sticky Note: stick them everywhere. magazines, stationery samples, guest lists, venues …if it can be stuck to, then stick on.
4. If chaos is not your thing then this Beautiful Planner will eradicate it and keep everything ship shape.
5. We're sure your Bridesmaids would like to keep as organised as you are! They can plan the hen and note down aspirational bridesmaids' dresses they hope you'll choose in this snazzy booklet.
6. Bling up those Bridal Party Proposals with a some generous Jewellery! We have bling for your future Flower Girls, Maids of Honour & Bridesmaids.
7. You need to write it all down! These Me & You Pencils will do the trick, but you have to sharpen them or they will be useless.
8. If you have a date then it's time to start a countdown in style. You can fit numbers 1 to 1000 on this charming chalkboard (depends on how organised you are really)

ps. If you are not familiar with Pinterest then you need to get on it!! We won't apologise for the hours you will spend browsing on there, it will all be worth it! The best place to start is of course our inspiration boards…and then ease your way in from there! Enjoy xx

Wedding Planning Inspiration

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