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Oh Sew Pretty Table Numbers


Here at Wedding in a Teacup we love our Get Creative section; deciding to try your hand at a bit of DIY on your Big Day is not just about saving money, it’s about enjoying fashioning something individual and unique to you, and the fun of getting creative with family and friends! Inspired by our Ribbon & Twine section we've created some rather lovely table numbers, perfect for all you crafty couples out there. We imagine them propped up by books in a twinkling barn, or hanging from vases bursting with flowers. Beautiful! And the best part is you can pick fabric and ribbon to suit the rest of your day, and set the scene for the fun that lays ahead...

Obviously some numbers are trickier than others… We avoided doing a 1 - too easy! Here's what you'll need:

  • Embroidery Hoops (they come in lots of different sizes)
  • Some lovely fabric
  • A choice of Ribbon or Twine
  • Pins
  • A needle & invisible thread
  • A big Needle (to fit the twine through)

You may already be an expert in embroidery, but if not (we're definitely not!) don't worry it's pretty simple. First grab your embroidery hoop and unscrew it until the 2 hoops separate. Then lay your fabric flat over the larger ring and insert the smaller hoop back inside the big ring and tighten the screw. As you're tightening, you can make the fabric more taut by gently pulling the edges - what you want is just a very flat taut surface.


For the above table number we've used our Music Lovers Cotton Ribbon. Cut a length and then pin it into the number shape. Fold the ribbon round corners and into curves making sure you pin it down. When you're happy with your number then simply thread your needle with invisible thread and stitch around all the edges. You don't need any fancy stitch, just do simple tacking. Once you've tidied up the loose ends and neatened up the fabric edges then just add an extra bit of Ribbon to hang it. You can try mixing and matching ribbons too; we've used our To Have & To Hold and Happily Ever After ones below...


If you really want to dedicate some serious time to your table numbers try some embroidery using our Divine Bakers Twine, we have a whole range of colours including Metallics! The needle size is a bit bigger, therefore a bit blunter, so you need a fairly loose-threaded material to push it through - we used white felt. Follow the steps above to mount your fabric but this time get a felt pen or fabric chalk and outline the number shape. Then double-thread your needle and stitch edge to edge just outside your number lines until the number is filled up. It does take longer but we think the end result is delightful.


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