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New Year Resolution: the RSVP

Recent research published by The Times caught our eye over the festive break... It shows that, when it comes to RSVPs, people are growing ruder. Wedding planners say it is increasingly common for guests not to respond to invitations. Some then turn up anyway, expecting to be catered for. (Wedding in a Teacup says harrumph!! to this.)

WIAT_Dec13_174 copy

The finger of blame is pointed at busy lives, the informality of email, the reluctance to commit in our 24/7 society. Nowadays fewer couples request a snail-mail reply to a wedding invitation, but evidence shows this has the best response rate by far. Especially if the couple include RSVP postcards with their invitations - addressed, stamped and ready to go!

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This makes complete sense to us - an email can be easily forgotten, but you can't ignore a pretty postcard propped up by your computer - reminding you to fill it and send it before the requested date. So make it easy for your guests to be good and let’s hear it for a return to lovely RSVP cards flying through the letterbox!

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