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Money can’t buy you love ……

… but it sure does help with the wedding! With the average cost of a British wedding now a whopping £20,000, we’re keen to help our couples plan their budget and keep within it... That's where happiness lies! Budgeting doesn’t have to be done in grim accountancy ledgers, however. Our Wedding Planner Book has plenty of space for you to keep tabs on the cash alongside all the gorgeous purchases. And take a look at TSB’s Saving for your Wedding guide - lots of great budgeting tips there!

The main cost of the reception will be venue, food and drink (our mantra: simple but classy!) but the extras can add up, too. For décor, focus on what you must have – such as a seating plan – and make that a real statement. Paper pompoms, tassels and chains punch way above their cost for sheer impact - so do balloons! Favours are optional but a lovely treat for your guests – budget by making them work as table decorations and place names too!

Saving absolutely does not mean scrimping - there’s a definite shift in the wedding zeitgeist towards family and friends pitching in and helping. Aunts making jam, mums baking cupcakes and bridesmaids assembling favours – it all keeps the cost down and the bonding barometer up! Our Get Creative section is stuffed with ideas on how to put together a ravishing look that is satisfyingly economical and highly individual to you.

The new zeitgeist rules apply for reception entertainment, too. Ask your talented young cousin to sing or play as guests wander in – any lack of professional polish will be more than compensated for by the emotion it stirs! If you have a friend who’s in a band or DJs after the day job - what nicer wedding present could they give you than a few hours’ playing time? Children can be kept entertained by older kids, who will feel a real part of things if they’re given a role. So – good luck, keep tabs – and have fun!

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