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Magic Slate

We love slate! Moody textured grey, with hints of purple like a thundery sky – very dramatic, very chic. Natural and elemental.

You can buy different sizes of slate tiles reasonably cheaply from builder’s merchants. They're like blackboards, but better. The secret is to use a quality indelible chalk pen, and we’ve sourced the perfect one. It’s fine enough for elegant, swirly script; just go over your text again for bolder, shaded letters. Be artistic - this pen will let you!

In fact we’re so pleased with this pen that we’re giving away one free with every order of eight or more sets of our adorable Slate Heart Place Markers

And it has enough ink for all these ideas too.....

Use a large slate tile for your light-on-dark seating plan; prop one on the bar and list in flamboyant script the drinks you’re offering; use another for the wedding feast menu. Get carried away writing welcome messages; you can even use several as a graffiti alternative to a guest book and prop them up at home afterwards as artwork – the chalk lasts on!

Smaller slate tiles make bold stands for terracotta pots to create gorgeous table centrepieces: that baked-earth colour and daisies, herbs or ivy against the textured grey is stunning. And you can water the pots in situ.

Our hanging arrow signs stylishly expand the slate theme; the white outline and lettering blends beautifully with our chalk pen’s script.

Slates also make excellent centrepiece bases for natural-wax altar candles. A truly dramatic and classy colour contrast, and the molten wax pools beautifully on the slate.

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