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Last minute wedding checklist

You've been planning your big day for months, but suddenly it's now just a week away (eep!). With so much to think about, we've put together a handy checklist to help you remember all of those little things in the final few days! 

    1. Confirm details with your vendors, including timings to make sure everyone knows what's going on. 
    2. Make any outstanding payments - double check you've paid everyone!
    3. Create a schedule for the day (and it share with your vendors and I do crew!).
    4. Nominate someone to keep the schedule on track and look after your documents - you need to keep that wedding certificate safe!
    5. Finalise your photo list with your photographer. It'll help your photographer to ensure you get all the group shots you want on the day.
    6. Save your vendors' phone numbers. You don't want to be scrolling through emails on the morning of your wedding should you need to get in touch.
    7. Make sure you have your favours and confetti (and confetti packets) ready at your venue, along with your decorations and any gifts for your dream team
    8. Pack your bag if staying away from home the night before/ after the wedding.
    9. Make an emergency kit with hair grips, plasters, hairspray and tissues.
    10. Enjoy your pre-wedding beauty treatments. 
    11. Get ready for your honeymoon - pack your suitcase, get your spending money and print those documents.
    12. Finally: breathe & enjoy yourself - it'll go so quickly!


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