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It must be Love

For the next week or so expect to be festooned with almost everything to do with LOVE as we lead up to 14th February! Presumably we find you here because cheeky Cupid has already struck your heart and you're planning your wedding - but we can also help make this year's Valentine's Day one to remember AND as a small token of our affection we give you 10% off everything in our Valentine's Section with code LOVEDUP - valid until 14th Feb 2016


Love at First Sight

love gift

1. Breakfast in bed is the best way to present this Handmade Mug to your other half - full of hot tea and served with buttered toast!
2. If you struggle to put your feelings into words then our What is Love print will not only turn you into a cunning linguist but will look fab on your wall.
3. Mr Right cufflinks - he's so right for you he needs to pin his cuffs together to prove it.
4. Say it with a Spoon and sprinkle some sweetness into your relationship.
5. Our Loved up Stamps will share some loving ink to enhance any card or envelope … if it's handmade you love them more!
6. Think of 10 reasons why your betrothed is so loveable, write them down and then peg them around the home with these Numbered Clothes Pegs
7. It's compulsory to serve cake with this Handstamped Knife. Please note, large slices only.
8. Wrap Valentine's treats in sheer love with our Bags of Love pouches.


Date Night Decoration

decor love

1. Set the mood immediately by decorating your love shack with the promise of Good Times.
2. Spell it out with sparkle. Use these Bold Gold Alphabet Stickers to personalise gifts, cards, lanterns...
3. Lower the lights and spell out your love with our Alphabet Lanterns.
4. Time to Drink Champagne and Dance on the Table…need I say any more?
5. I'd only recommend typing 'Valentines Tassels' into a search engine if you have an open mind…otherwise play it safe with these Hot Tissue Tassels.
6. After champagne must come cocktails - add some Patterned Paper Straws to the mix and finish the night off with a flourish.


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