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I ❤ U, Part Two: We Adore Hearts

A real human heart with its arteries and valves (bleeeeugh!) doesn’t look a whole lot like the pretty heart symbol, but there is a basic shape similarity. Some rather rude people suggest the heart evokes a lady’s naked behind – we’re not sure about that. But we’re sure we adore hearts!

Overlapping, two hearts signify faithful lovers. Shot through with Cupid’s arrow, the heart is fated to love. And we love little fat hearts with wings attached, fluttering about ….

True, the heart symbol is really done to death, especially at this time of the year! And those mass- produced heart-shaped boxes of chocs by supermarket tills do get a tad depressing. (Buy her something else! Anything else!) But in the same way that you can’t improve on the perfect simplicity of a shell, or a wine glass, or a sunflower – you can’t improve on the heart symbol. It will never grow stale on us. The heart means love.

So don’t let the lurid red hearts of Valentine’s Day put you off having heart shapes at your wedding. They’re enchanting and varied in wickerwork, wood, slate, straw or soft, stuffed cotton. Wear them, eat them, decorate with them, give them away.

No other shape has the same power! Here are some of our Wedding in a Teacup favourites...

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