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How To Keep The Little Ones Entertained...

Do you say 'kids allowed' - and risk loud questions during the vows? ('Why is that man wearing a dress?' is a favourite.) Or do you say 'no' - and risk mortally offending your cousin and her toddler Eva the Tantrum-Diva? 'Yes' is definitely the norm for relaxed, daytime weddings. Babies and kids bring a lovely emotionality - it just feels right for them to be there! And the sight of little ones dressed up and raring to go can outshine the most expensive wedding decorations...


Don't feel over-responsible, though. They've come with their parents, who will bring all the stuff that their child needs - nappies, snacks, emergency toys ... and who will take care of them if they need a nap or reminding to turn off their mobile during the ceremony. It's a good idea, though, to arrange a children's menu, and to give some thought to keeping the kids happy...


If it's a big family wedding, and the cousins all know each other - you're sorted. Same goes if you're a big group of friends plus offspring who meet up regularly. Have a separate kids' table and bribe the oldest ones to be in charge - they'll all have a ball. If it's summer and you have a nice stretch of ground outside, ask responsible, creative, older kids to run a treasure hunt/organise giant garden games/maybe even apply face paints! Award prizes - inexpensive but brightly wrapped.


A trunk of dressing up clothes is a possibility, too (get friends and family to donate them or make them). Pirates and princesses never fail, and it will all add to the magical joy of your day... If your budget is big and you'll have a lot of disparate kids there, consider hiring a balloon artist or clown - the adults will love it too, and not only because their kids are entertained.

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The speeches will never not be boring, though. How does a child sit still for that long? By being given one of our wonderful colouring-in place mat kits and bright wax crayon sets, that's how. If you choose the fairy wings and the super-hero cape, remember to bring scissors, so the child can proudly wear their creation for the rest of the reception! And our sandcastle mats, perfect for seaside weddings, can also be worn as hats.... we feel a parade coming on.

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We also have lovely gifts for the flower girl, and snap cards and special sweetie jars for child-friendly favours - make your youngest guests feel special, not just tolerated, and they're more likely to behave like little angels! Check out some other ideas we've gathered over on Pinterest too... Above all, don't worry! Your wedding will be a beautiful, magical spectacle that any child will be thrilled to be part of! And then there's always the bliss of the dance floor...

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