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Hello World!

And we're live! Eeeeeeeeeeek! It's monumentally scary and thrilling to decide that I've finally done enough last-minute checking and tweaking, and I can press the button and make Wedding in a Teacup go live. Ever since I was a little girl I thought the best job in the world was to have your own shop, selling things you loved - that's why I got into fashion buying. With the expansion of the internet, the kind of shop I dreamed about is no longer a fantasy - it's on-line.

I love the new wave of weddings that are imaginative, playful, and saturated in the couple's personalities - and I hope that Wedding in a Teacup can help create them. If you're disappointed with what's offered in the mainstream, and you're interested in beautiful, original nuptial goodies that are ethically made-to-keep, then please drop by and browse. My brilliant designer and patient web master (from - would highly recommend!) have worked hard with me to make shopping here inspiring and pleasurable. And I'll be aiming to improve, so I'd love your feedback!

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