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Flower Focus: Forget-Me-Nots

Beautiful and dainty, September’s birth flower; the Forget-Me-Not lives up to its namesake, as you’ll never want to forget seeing a flower this pretty!

The Forget-Me-Not is a flower with meaning - and one which has been used throughout history to symbolise true love, faithfulness and remembrance, which is unsurprisingly why it is so popular to use in both weddings and funerals.

In Victorian times, beautiful Forget-Me-Nots featured heavily on sentimental postcards to remind receivers to not forget about the traveller, while even before that, in the 14th century, they were used during the exile (and return) of King Henry IV, to ensure he wasn’t forgotten.   

Nowadays, these delicate little flowers, which are usually in blue hues (although do occasionally come in pink and white), feature in bridal bouquets, wedding flowers and in remembrance blooms too, as they not only add a romantic vintage-vibe, but also mean that those who aren’t present can be remembered - such a lovely touch!

How to grow Forget-Me-Nots

Forget-Me-Nots are surprisingly easy to plant - just plant in a moist, shady spot in late summer/ early autumn and (quite aptly) forget about them, until they show their pretty petals the following spring!

They’ll grow happily in pots or directly in soil, just keep the soil moist to help them grow.

Forget-Me-Not Favours

Over recent years, we’ve been asked to create Forget-Me-Not favours, for a range of occasions, including weddings and commemoration services. It’s such a thoughtful reminder of your big day or that special person, that everyone can enjoy watching grow, whether they’re already a green-fingered gardener or planting for the first-time. It’s so lovely to think of people smiling at their growing Forget-Me-Nots, remembering your wedding day fondly, or thinking about the good times with a person, sadly no longer in their lives.

Our Forget-Me-Not favours can be personalised for any occasion, just let us know which name(s) you’d like and the date of your celebration and we'll do the rest!

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