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Flower Favour Focus: Wildflowers

Wildflowers are wonderfully whimsical, making them a favourite for wedding bouquets, table additions and even for favours.

Over the last few years especially, wildflowers have been popping up at weddings and enhancing the relaxed, rustic style of barn, woodland, tipi and DIY weddings even further, with their English meadow feel.

So, what are wildflowers?

Wildflowers are locally-grown flowers that bloom in summer fields, alongside country paths and are full of texture, scent and colour. Some of the most popular wildflowers are beautiful poppies, blue-hued cornflowers and the lovely lilac field scabious. Just think of the flowers seen on dreamy summer days spent in the countryside - they’re most likely wildflowers!

How do you grow wildflowers?

Like their name suggests, wildflowers are easy to grow! In most cases, all you need to do is sprinkle seeds in a compost filled pot (and cover with a little more compost) in April/ May, then regularly water, for them to be in full, wild, bloom come the summer months.

Or sow them at any time of the year by simply choosing a sunny spot in your garden & lightly rake into the soil - wildflower seeds germinate with sunlight. Water in long dry spells, but these colourful blooms don’t need pampering! 

Even though wild flowers, they should not be scattered in the wild - so keep these beauties for home.  

How are wildflowers good for the environment?

One of their attractions - apart from their natural good looks of course - is that wildflowers are beneficial to the environment. Bees, quite rightly, love wildflowers. These stunning, scented delights have been proven to increase a bee’s chance of survival for the next year, by a huge 4 times - so they’re definitely worth growing whether you’ve got modest room for a few pots on the patio or can sow a whole flower bed. And butterflies love them too!


As well as providing plenty of biodiverse plant power nutrition for bees, wildflowers have another eco-friendly focus - they don’t have the air miles of some of our other favourite fleurs. This helps with the footprint on the environment and also has an added benefit - of costing less than imported flowers. Win-win!

Wildflowers at weddings    

At weddings, wildflowers couldn’t be a more perfect fit. They look stunning in urns, milk bottles, jam jars, crates, in hair and as bouquets. Whether you’re having a wedding in a barn, a village hall, a tipi or marquee, wildflowers work wonderfully and give your day a chilled, boho vibe.

One lovely way of reminding your guests of your special flower-filled day is by giving wildflower seeds as favours. They can plant them at home after your big day and enjoy them, day after day, once they’re in full bloom.

If you’re looking for wildflower favours, check out our personalised seed packet favours.

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