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Creative Tags Table Plan

We are always trying to think of creative ways to display a table plan, and as you know we just love a luggage tag. So what better way than fuse the two to create a wonderful decorative display as well as entice your guests to their seats?


Photo credit: Green Wedding Shoes

We loved this idea of a luggage tag per guest. As long as you have the table number and guest's name on there, you can be playful and imaginative with the rest! Add on little trinkets, buttons, badges or bows - the tags double up as take home favours.


Above we have used our pastel name badges on our coloured luggage tags with our number stamps, then decorated with our embossed look love tape or drink champagne stamp. Once the guests have found their seat they can pop the badge on for an instant introduction!

Peg the tags to a twine washing line strung between two wooden step ladders, wrapped around a wooden door, or whatever you have available! An eye catching and original display....


Photo credit: Wedding Chicks

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