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Creative Cutlery

If you're having a sunny BBQ or help yourself buffet on your big day, we think that wooden cutlery is the way to go. It's not only much better for the environment than it's plastic sibling, but looks so much nicer too... And it saves all the washing up and hiring charges of the metal kind. The wood also makes a perfect backdrop for some decoration tape. Pick a colour, print or phrase to suit your style, wrap it around and you're good to go! A little goes a long way. Check out our tape section for some inspiration - we're adding to it all the time...


Once your cutlery is looking the part; don't just shove them in a pot somewhere... Why not make a culinary bundle along with your menu and a paper straw. Gather them together in one of our paper bags (our standard menu cards are the perfect fit!) and top it off with a name badge or stamp on the guest's name, and you've got a place card too!


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